Adventuring the: Past Year in Germany


For almost a year now I have been living in Germany with my boyfriend. And what an emotional and physical adventure it has been! I moved here in April 2014 with big dreams and expectations. I thought after I got a job we would get our own place. (We have been living with his parents) But that never happened… I now have only have 3 months left of my visa and It doesn’t look like were ever going to move out. To be fair, I don’t have a job anymore. I was working in a hotel as a housekeeper and serving breakfast but my crazy boss fired me because I ‘stole a used towel’. Which obviously I would never steal a dirty towel. At first I was really upset and really offended but then I remembered in the 6 months I worked there she fired 9 people… all for stealing! It’s her excuses so she doesn’t have to pay you the two weeks severance pay.

I’m sure many people will say ‘oh that doesn’t sound to bad, living with parents’. Well it really is not that bad. It’s actually quite nice. BUT emotionally very frustrating. Where I’m from kids usually move out when they’re around 18. I’m 22 and have never lived on my own. I feel like I’m so behind on life. I’m watching so many of my friends have babies. I know some people who are now having their second kid! And then there’s me who’s never even had my own place. But on the other hand I spent 2013 travelling the world, 2012 saving to travel and then 2014 here with my boyfriend. So I guess really I am not ‘behind on life’ I just chose a different one. Which make sense considering the start of my life was a very unconventional one.

In the past year that I’ve been living here we have done a decent amount of travelling. In May for my boyfriends birthday his parents bought us a flight to Rome, which was amazing. His Dad’s cousin works for a huge 5 star hotel company and she booked us a couple of night in it. Which was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. To put it into perspective of how nice this hotel was, Madonna and Obama stay there. I couldn’t believe I was in such a fancy place. meanwhile at 2 am my boyfriend and I get drunk McDonald’s. Oh and not to mention the hotel for some reason didn’t have a wine cork… sooo we opened our wine with a pen. Classy right? We also drove to Amsterdam for a weekend. It only takes two hours to drive there. And we always stay at this camping site on a cute ‘almost island’ (It has a bit of land connecting it). Our big adventure this year was our ROAD TRIP! We drove down to Austria and spent a night in Salzburg which was an adorable little town surrounded by mountains. Then we made our way to VENICE! Which I had wanted to go to ever since I first heard about it. We spent 3 amazing nights there on a really nice camping site! (which by the way camping is how we afford to do everything.) We wandered the streets, looked a cute shops, walked over many bridges did the typical stuff you would do there. unfortunately we didn’t go on a gondola, it was 80€ for an hour. Our last night in Venice there was a huge thunder-storm which followed us for days. We then headed to Croatia. We spent two nights in random spots while we made our way down to Dubrovnik. Where the storm continued to follow us. Luckily we booked an apartment for a couple of nights. On the last few days the storm cleared up and we got to enjoy the town. Apparently it was one of the worst storms in history there. Major flooding everywhere! After Dubrovnik we headed up to Krka National Park, where the stunning waterfalls are. But of course the major storm made the park flood, there was no swimming allowed and no boats running. Even with all the flooding you could still tell this was a beautiful and magical place. Next we headed up to Novigrad where we spent the remainder of our time in Croatia. Which was very nice and relaxing. Finally we spent our last night in Austria in a place called Wolfgangsee. We had a camping spot next to this crystal clear lake surrounded by mountains. A perfect way to end our road trip!

Obviously I have done more things in the past year while living in Germany. For example learning German, but I will save that for another post. So untill then, cheers! Oh and I’d also like to thank you for taking the time to read my posts and for the amazing words of encouragement!


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