Adventuring the: Experience of Learning a Language

Wednesday night I went to a language meet up at a bar. People wore flags of the language they spoke. It was quite interesting. I met people from all over the world. Man am I impressed with how many people can speak 3 plus languages. I practiced my German a bit, but naturally English is easier. I met a fellow Canadian who was there and we spoke a lot. It was really nice to have an actually conversation with someone new and has somewhat the same mind-set. I think that’s what I miss most about backpacking; meeting new people everyday and hearing their story. I did speak a bit of German but man is it not great…

I’ve been trying to learn German for two almost years now. In the beginning I was just casually learning useful phrases and numbers that my boyfriend taught me. Then during my brief visit back to Canada I took a German course where I learned the numbers again, to tell time, more phrases, verbs and basic conjugation. I also used this app called Dulingo which was pretty helpful for learning random things but not know why or how it makes sence. When I came back to Germany I worked for the first few months and didn’t bother to learn German. Three months ago I started my first real course and man is it hard!! German is such a complicated language. There is literally over 12 ways to say “the”. Which I think is the hardest part about the German language.


photo from google images

There is Masculine, Feminine, Neutral and Plural. German also has different cases which are, Nomativ, Dativ, Akkusitiv and genitiv which I haven’t even learned yet. Not to mention that sometimes different cases use the same form of ‘the’ but the verb is conjugated differently. For example ‘Der’ is Masculine Nomativ ‘Der tisch’ (the table) But ‘Der’ is also Feminine Dativ ‘aus der bahn’ (off the train) But train is Feminine ‘die bahn’ but because of the case the word changes. In addition to the different forms of ‘the’ you also have to find the correct verb ending which changes to who you are speaking too or the gender of the object you are speaking about. I can hardly wrap my head around all of it. And good luck trying to figure out any logic to any of this. There is absolutely none! You ask any native speaker why something is correct and they have no idea why. Other than this HUGE part of the language it’s not too difficult. It’s mostly just remembering new words, and there are many English words in German and vice versa.

I start my next German class on Monday! I will make an updated status on my experience of learning a language in a few months. Also with going to school I will have to limit the amount of post I make in a week. It might take a couple of weeks to perfect my schedule but I’m thinking I will post on Sundays and Wednesdays, and maybe one other day of the week. Untill next time ❤


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