Adventruing The: Current Visa Options

deutch passport visum

As you know I am currently living in Germany. I have a ‘Youth Mobility Visa’ which is pretty much the same as a Working Holiday. It is finished in April and I really have no idea what to do next. I have a few options, but its such a big decision and it doesn’t just affect me. Also, it’s very hard to make a decision when my boyfriend doesn’t even know what he wants to do. I don’t know if im making a decision for the next 3 months, 6 months or a year. All of my options have a few good points, some of which would be no problem if I wasn’t running out of money, but most of them you are not allowed to work.

1) Sprachen Visa (Language Visa)

Negative: It’s only for the length that you are enrolled in a German language course, I can’t really afford a language course, I can’t work, I also have to get more health insurance which I can not afford.

Positive: I can better my german, once finished I could get a decent job and get a work visa.

2) Residence Visa

Negative: Can’t work and Little information on it.

Positive: Possibly least amount of effort to obtain

3) Working Holiday in the Netherlands

Negative: Away from max, MUST find a job in first month, Health Insurance, paying rent & other expenses.

Positive: Boyfriend can visit & vice versa, easy to obtain, independence and living in new country.

4) Au pair in the Netherlands

Negative: Must commit for ‘x’ many months, boyfriend probably can’t visit, Limited opportunities to visit him and can’t be picky with jobs EG: taking care of little babies.

Positive: confirmed accommodation & job, safe, living in a new county and I like playing sports and crafts with kids

5) Go back to Canada save money then come back

Negative: Have to stay a while to pay for flight & save, being far away from max, taking the ‘easy way out’, and being a burden on my parents

Positive: Easy to make money, can see family, can get au pair visa for germany or possibly other visas, Boyfriend could come for the summer and travel North America.

So far I think I am leaning towards option number 4- Au pair in the Netherlands, But I still need to find a job within the next 3.5 months. Should be possible I hope. I’m not very good with dealing with change and making big decisions. I get so stressed out, it’s terribly unhealthy. A big part of me does want to go home, see my family and my puppie! I would get my old job back at a hotel which has resorts all over north america and I can stay in any of them for $85 a week. I could go to Mexico and Hawaii and basically only have to worry about food and a flight, which you can find flights for super cheap!!

The only reason I would want to stay in Germany is for my boyfriend, and the only reason he is still here is because he’s in law school. The thing is, is that he doesn’t even like law school. We would 100% move to Canada, travel during the summer and have him do school there but it’s just ridiculously expensive for foreign students. So now we really don’t know what we’re doing. Oh the perks of being in your early 20’s… having so many options and directions you can go with your life, and having absolutely no idea what to do.


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