Adventuring the: Köln Karnival

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetLast week was Cologne’s famous karnival. I’m still not to sure exactly what the whole thing was about. They had one in November for one day, but this time it was Thursday-Monday. It started Thursday morning at 11:11 AM! But drunk people start filling up the plazas around 9am. I couldn’t believe that people started drinking that early. And it’s not like there are just having a few beers… no they are taking shots and pounding back 2/6’s of vodka and rum! Facking crazy!! It goes without saying that I was not into that. Then over the next few days the drinking continues and there are a few parades aswell. Oh and not to mention that all weekend people are dressed up in crazy costumes. I really do not understand what the point of this holiday is, and most people I asked don’t either… they all just said it’s an excuess to get drunk. Sence they don’t really celebrate Halloween here and I didn’t get to do anything I was keen to dress up and go out, but the idea of doing it so early in the morning was a huge turn off. Eventually I sucked it up and went out on Monday. We met our friends around 11:30 am and began drinking, and drinking, and drinking. Over-all the day was fun. There are many parts that I forgot. One crucial thing I forgot to do was eat…. BAD IDEA. I ended up getting alcohol poison and remembered why I don’t drink. Now I’ve had a terrible cold for the past week, and didn’t really get to plan my post. (Sorry about that!) But I figured better something than nothing. I went into town with the intention of not drinking… but that really doesnt work when your around thousands of drunk people and friends who are pressuring you to drink. So my advice to anyone who wants to go to karnival in köln, be prepared to drink! And don’t forget to eat! unnamed

Hopefully next week I can actually write a decent post. Like I said I’m pretty sick, and I’m also very stressed. I’m moving to München in a few weeks to Au Pair for the next year. I am nowhere near prepared, it’s all happening so fast. I’m so nervous, and I really don’t want to move 6 hours away from my boyfriend. But I know everything will workout somehow in the long run. Untill next time, I hope you have a better week than I did.


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