Adventuring the: Events of this Week. 

Bit by bit things are slowly starting to fall into place. I found out that I can’t get my visa in the city I am currently living in. I have to move Munich/München first register to the city and then apply for my Au Pair visa. Which is okay I suppose, it seems very likely that it will work out. I can’t believe I’m moving there in TEN DAYS! That’s crazy soon! I’m getting excited though. I’ve been looking up things to do there, it looks so pretty. I also joined some groups on facebook to meet people once I’m there. I’m still super nervous to be responsible for the children but I know I will be good at it and I’m pretty sure I will enjoy it.

Also another exciting turn of events. (At least for me.) Is that my iPad randomly started working again!! Almost exactly a year ago my iPad stopped connecting to the internet and was doing weird things with icloud. I took it to many different stores and no one had any idea why it wasnt working. Yesterday I randomly decided to see if it was working and to my surprise it was!! So naturally I’m super stoked about that! Especially since I don’t have a laptop, I’ve just been using my boyfriends old PC which obviously I can’t bring that to München. 

Yesterday was my two-year anniversary with my boyfriend. It’s crazy that’s it’s only been two years! It feels like it has been way longer. I guess that’s because we only knew each other for one day before we started traveling and living together. We’ve also been to many country’s together, which I think makes it feel longer. Last night we went to this great Thai restaurant called “Thai house”.  The food there is perfection!!  They have dish holders with candles underneath to keep your food warm. The presentation is excellent. All the dishes come with tropical flowers as garnish. I had rice with red curry sauce, veggies, tropical fruits and tofu. My boyfriend had pad thai. The price is not bad, between 10-15€ for a decent sized dish, 6-8€ for a cocktail, and wine is 4-6€. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants great Thai food in the city of Cologne.

Today we went for a really nice bike ride to a lake. It took us about an hour each way. It also got up to 18°c today, it was to nice! And the sunset was so beautiful tonight! (Featured image)

I really want to bring up the quality of my blog and make more posts about my travels and some of the amazing things I’ve done, but I want to put a lot of time and effort into them. Right now I feel as though that is an unobtainable goal. If I were to post them now, I don’t think the quality wouldn’t be as good as it could be in a few months. Once I’m settled down, more organized, and actually have a laptop I’ll be sharing those adventures. So for now my posts are mostly going to be about my adventure of moving to München and becoming an Au Pair. I Hope it will be a good adventure!


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