Adventuring the: Anticipation

All packed! Image featuring Mr. Cuddles (My xmas gift from my boyfriend)

All packed! Image featuring Mr. Cuddles (My xmas gift from my boyfriend)

Wow where has the week gone?! I am so happy I started blogging, it actually helps me such much. When Sunday comes around it gives me time to reflect on the past week, acknowledge it’s over and embrace the upcoming week. I’m one of those people who needs structure in my life, without it I lose track of everything. Weeks can go by and I’ll think it’s only been a couple of days. Does that happen to anyone else?

In only three days I’m going on an 8 hour bus adventure alone to Munich. Each day I get more and more excited to experience the most beautiful city in Germany. From what I’ve read, it’s so rich in culture and nature. It’s a big city with a small town vibe. The are many coffee shops and cool places to discover! I’ve even started talking to other au pairs on Facebook who live there. I think it will be pretty easy to make friends, which is something I am really looking forward too. The past year in Cologne I haven’t really made any friends because I spent all my time with my boyfriend, and I lived so far from the city.

I am still really nervous to be responsible for two children but I think it will be a great experience. If half of my friends can pop out babies of their own and raise them, I’m sure I can be a glorified babysitter. And hopefully I’ll finally learn how to cook! When I moved to New Zealand two years ago that was one of my goals. Learn to cook and become more independent. Two weeks in I met my boyfriend and for the last two years he’s always cooked for me. Another thing I am nervous about is doing long distance for a long period of time. Last year my boyfriend and I spent 4 months apart. It was difficult, but we managed. I think one thing that made it easy was knowing that it was temporary, that soon we would be living together again. This time we will see each other more often (every two weeks) but it’s for almost a year. I think that will be really difficult, but I know that we are strong enough to make it. It’s still very nerve-racking… most long distance relationships don’t work out.

On another note I’ve organized all my photos from my previous travels and I’m excited to reflect and share my experiences with you. I think next weeks post will be about my move, organizing my visa and first impressions of Munich. Then hopefully after I can dive into my other adventures. (Which I am really excited to re-live)

I just wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone who follows me, and I hope you enjoy my posts. Sometimes I find it hard to think of things to write about and wonder if people even care what I write. I see other people’s blogs, how nicely organized they are, how wonderfully executed each post it and how well they can string together words. Then I remember that I started this blog for me, to help me when I’m down, and remember all the good. With the hopes that maybe I can inspire other people to follow their dreams and never give up! Life is always filled with highs and lows. Maybe one day my blog will evolve and grow, the more I blog the better I’ll get, and hopefully gain more confidence.

Anyways I hope you have a great week! Untill next time xx


4 thoughts on “Adventuring the: Anticipation

  1. So very proud of you Christin(e)! It’s a scary doing new adventures. Blogging will help – I kept a travel journal while I lived in Italy. It helped A LOT. Meeting other au pairs will be helpful too. I still chat with one of my friends from Italy.
    Keep posting! Remember I’m here. Haven’t been an au pair in a long time but I still remember my experiences.
    Let me know where so send you mail.
    Love and hugs


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