Adventuring the: Epic Bus Fail…

IMG_2248A few days ago I booked my bus that left Cologne at 10:40 am and arrived in Munich at 6:20 pm. (Almost 8 hours) My boyfriend and I arrived at the bus station at 10:30 and waited. 10:45 comes around and I start to worry, but soon I see a bus that says Munich! I proceed to ask the man if this was my bus, he said it was not and starts yelling at me in German saying that it’s my fault the bus wasn’t there, that I need call the company, buy a new ticket, and a bunch of other things I couldn’t understand. So we called the bus company and explain the situation, that the bus is late, we were here early and just wanted information on my bus. The guy was not helpful, quite rude and hung up on us.

IMG_2247We continue to wait a little longer but still there was no bus. We call back and the lady said that the bus was late due to protests in Frankfurt. Okay well that makes sense. Two hours later, still no bus! Once again we call back. This time it looked like we were going to get an answer. She said she was going to call the head office, find out whats going on and call us back. Another hour later still nothing… no call, no answers and of course no bus. After waiting THREE hours and four phone calls later we finally got some answers! THEY SOLD ME A TICKET WITH THE WRONG TIME. How does that even happen?! My ticket said 10:40 but the bus was scheduled to leave at 10:30, which might have been okay because we were there at 10:30, but it of course left early! At this point I was tired, hungry, and was too frustrated to deal with this any longer.

Waiting for the bus that never came….

The fourth guy on the phone said that I have to buy a new ticket, mail them a copy of the ticket they messed up and they will reimburse me. But honestly I’m rather doubtful that they will. This seems like a poorly organized company, the sad thing is that I don’t think it is. It’s the most popular (bus) transportation company in Germany. I still don’t really understand how it  happened. Just my luck I guess. So now I had to take a bus that took almost 10 hours that left in the middle of the night to get here in time to register for my Deutschkurse (Language class). Also you would think that a bus you’re stuck on for almost 10 hours would have a bathroom or at least have bathroom breaks, but nope! Overall I am very unimpressed with the start of my journey to Munich. Hopefully it gets better soon. 🙂


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