Adventuring the: First Days as an Au Pair

So far I am not convinced with the experiences I’ve had in my first week of being an Au Pair. There are some really good things, but there are also some huge turn offs. Well more like many little things that are frustrating. I think a lot of them are pretty normal, but for me are just really annoying. My first day here was okay, we didn’t really do too much. I just coloured with the kids and got to know them. For me it is really hard to understand the kids. First off they are kids, so they don’t annunciate, and second they speak in German, and my language skills still aren’t the best. I feel really bad when they say words I just have no idea what they mean and I just kinda awkwardly laugh and try to change the subject.

Eating…I never knew that eating would be such a freaking complicated thing. My first morning I made myself some toast and then the boy asked me if I could play with him. Naturally I said yes, sat down next to him with my toast. Then the mother said we don’t eat and play, okay that makes sense. So I sit at the table and pull out my phone to check my social media. Then the mom says “sorry to add another rule, but no phones at the table.” Okay I kinda understand that. When you’re eating with people its rude, but I was eating alone. She said it teaches the kids bad habits. Ya, okay I can kinda see that. I’m also not allowed to eat in my room. Which is pretty normal. But what if I just want to have a snack in peace? Apparently I can’t.

My technology situation right now is just so terrible. First off they turn off all the power to the first floor at night which is really good, it doesn’t waist electricity. It also means they also turn off the wifi. Last night I was facetiming with my boyfriend and they just turned it off at 10 which was pretty frustrating. I also don’t have a tv in my room so I have to stream to watch anything which sucks. The reason it sucks so much is because I have to stream on my boyfriends old netbook which is so incredibly slow. My ipad decided to stop working again and I can’t stream on my phone because it’s so broken I can hardly see the screen. Why does technical stuff hate me so much?! It’s seirously not fair.

Another thing that really makes me question this decision is that the mom wants me to work more than the 30 hours that I’m legally allowed to work. I kinda feel like she’s trying to bully me into working more. Maybe if she paid me more than I would consider it, but she’s paying me the minimum that she has to. She said that if we do the 30 hours a week thing that it will be strictly a business relationship. That it will be like “Okay here are the kids for 2 hours”. And pretty much said that I would be excluded from family activities. I asked can’t we find a compromise, she said not really. I’m so torn. Her point is how do you define what are working hours, because when living with them obviously you will help out when you’re “not working”. That’s why I asked can’t we find a compromise. There needs to be a balance. She understands that I need my own time and space, but obviously I need to help out. I said that to me working hours are when you say I have to be there or when I’m alone with the kids. It’s still only been a few days, so I have to give it time for the both of us to figure out what works. All I know is that I have to protect myself from being taken advantage of. My first job here was one of the worst work experiences I’ve ever had, and I wont let that happen again.

I don’t mean to make the mom sound bad at all because she truly is a very nice lady and I like her a lot. Actually I like the whole family a lot. The parents are both super nice, and the kids are soooo cute! Even though its hard for me to understand them, but that will get better with time. Overall I have had mixed feeling, one second I think hey this is great I got nothing to worry about, and then the next thing pops up and I start to question if this is going to work out. Like I said before, it’s still early, I have to give it time and see how things play out.

Hope you had a good week, untill next time xx.

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