Adventuring the: France Road Trip

Sunday 5th: Max, his parents and I began our road trip of south France! We drove about 8 hours to the first stop which was Beaune. We arrived around 8pm and walked into the town center. There were lights highlighting the beautiful French architecture. Max and I slept in a tent which was freezing, so we got up pretty early. We walked into town, watched the sun rise and went to a bakery for fresh baguette and croissants. After breakfast it was time to hit the road again and head more south.

Monday 6th: Next we stopped in a really cute small town called Orange. Max’s parents went to the ruins of an old Roman theatre. We were too hungry so we went for lunch instead. We walked around the town for a bit then met up with his parents and went for coffee. Fast forward a few hours and we arrive in Narbonne. We stayed at nice peaceful campsite surrounded by vineyards and mountains just outside of Narbonne for 3 nights.

Tuesday 7th: Max and I play this game called Carcassonne. You get tiles with roads, churches, farms and castles and build a town. I had no idea it was actually a real place. So when he told me we were going to the castle which the game was inspired by I was pretty excited. When you walk up to it you feel like your going back in time. Like this place is the real deal when it comes to castles. It’s what all your sand castles aspire to be. When you get inside its even more amazing. There’s a whole town inside the walls of this castle. Sometimes you forget that your actually walking around a castle. All my childhood dreams came true going here. We always hear about these huge castles but it was so surreal for me actually being in one. imagining what it was like hundreds of years ago. The crazy things is that people actually still live in it! We had lunch there then headed back to the campsite.

Wednesday 8th: We all went to the beach, but unfortunately didn’t stay for long as it was quite windy and chilly. Instead we went to the city centre of Narbonne which was pretty cool. There was a canal which was such a trendy place to be. There were tons of snazzy dressed young adults hanging out there, having picnics and smoking. (Boo!) but I definitely understand why they hangout there. It was beautiful! There was also a cool church which randomly had a tiny courtyard with palm trees. Max and I walked explored the town for a while then we met his parents again, had coffee then went back to the campsite.

Thursday 9th: Next we started heading north a bit. We stopped in a pretty cool city called Nîmes. They had the most amazing city park I’ve ever seen. It was stunning. I wish we had more time there. They had a gorgeous hike through tropical trees and flowers and at the top was ruins of an old tower and a panoramic view of the city. But we didn’t have time to do it! They also had a mini Coliseum, fountains and statues everywhere. It truly was such a beautiful city!  Max and I went for coffee and I had a delicious crepe with Nutella. Next we drove to Pont du Gard to see an old roman aqueduct and had a picnic. Be warned though aqueduct is free, parking is ridiculously expensive, 18€!!  Next we Arrived in St.Martin Ardeche. Which I think may have been my favourite place we stayed. It was next to a river and in the mountains.

Friday 10: We drove through mountains which was truly so beautiful. I don’t think there is anything I love more than seeing amazing landscapes that Mother Nature has created. The road winded with the river, sometimes it just barely fit on the side of a cliff, had tunnels through the mountains and also had many lookout spots which was great! We had a picnic on a beach next the river with a great view of a beautiful arch and people kayaking. After that we went to this cool waterfall. It reminded me of Sooke potholes on a small condensed scale. Upon entry there is a huge red sign saying “No swimming, 30 deaths sence 1960”. Which got me thinking about Thetis lake back home. I wonder how many people have died there. I think there is usually at least one a year. Anyways, this place was beautiful. After all this max and I were exhausted we went back to camp and did a whole lot of nothing while his parents went out and did more exploring. Sometimes I really think I’m an old lady in a young persons body. How do 50 year olds have more energy than me?! To be fair they slept in a camper while we slept in a tent.

Saturday 11: Was time to start driving north. I think we drove for 9-10 hours. We stop in Amneville which we nicknamed Little Las Vegas. There was flashing lights all over the places, hotels, casinos, an indoor ski hall, movie theatres, and restaurants. We were all starving so we went to the first place we could find which was “Buffalo Gill”. I was pretty stoked because I had been craving a burger all week. It was so North American though, I was really surprised. They give you a free drink at the door, free starter salad and buns. We finished our buns and they brought us more. We were all so full so no one wanted them, but Max’s mom shoved them in her purse and we had them for breakfast. Which brings us to today and concludes our France adventure. I hope you all had a great week and that the next one is even better!


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