Adventuring the: Return Home

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Wow I can’t believe I’ve been home for almost a month now! That’s crazy. Sorry my blog has kinda taken the back seat as of late.  I’m still getting used to balancing working full-time, having a social life, me time and having a long distance relationship. I am also trying to decide what exactly I want to do with my time back home and how long I will be back for. Which can be pretty hard to do considering it’s not just about me. The choices I make will obviously affect my boyfriend and vice versa.

So far, I’m still not convinced about being back in Victoria. I think it’s possibly because I grew up here and I have some not so great memories. On the other hand, I am so incredibly happy to be close to the ocean again and be surrounded by nature! That truly is one of the most important things to me. It’s also great catching up with my friends and seeing my family. Still I can’t help but feel like it’s not my home anymore. It’s great to visit, but I cringe at the idea of being stuck here for long periods of time. (Or any place for that matter.) I think another thing that really gets me down is the weather. Sure in the summer it’s nice, but I’d say 80% of the time it’s just wet, grey and glumly.

My mom found a digital marketing course at my local college that sounds really interesting and it isn’t too expensive. It starts in September and is 10 months long. So obviously I would have to stick around for a while to complete that. I would then have to stay longer to pay for and save to get back to Europe. The idea of staying in Victoria for possibly two years kinda hurts my soul. Knowing that Max wants to come for a year in 2016 makes the idea a bit more tolerable. As of yet though that is still an idea. We have to wait to see how his next semester and exams go.

If I am staying here for two years or even one, I think I have to move out of my parents! I have never actually had my own place. I lived with my parents before I left to New Zealand, next in hostels and then with Max’s parents, so I think it’s about time.  I also feel as though having my own space would contribute my happiness and personal growth. At the same time it will hinder my savings which would result in my having to stay here even longer. It’s a vicious cycle. Currently, my main focus is to purchase a new laptop so that I can produce better content and not have to use 2-3 different devices to make a post. It will also come in handy when I *fingers crossed* get accepted into this course. I should have one within a month so please bear with me until then. Once I have it I promise I will have posts about more of my travels.


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