Adventuring the: Kiwi Beaches

One of the reasons why I wanted to go to New Zealand was to see their stunning beaches! The water is so beautiful there, the ocean goes on for miles and the waves are so strong and powerful. I have always been fascinated by the ocean. It’s so vast and unexplored. It amazes me how theirs an entire world underneath the surface that very few people actually get to see. One of my favorite pastimes is sitting on the beach, listening to the waves as they crash along the shore and recede back into the depths of the ocean. I quite often find myself at the beach, contemplating, meditating and just living in the moment. It’s one of the few places where my mind actually shuts up and I can just exist. I’m so grateful that I got to go to New Zealand and see the their stunning beaches. Here are some of my favorite pictures from their amazing beaches.

Karekare beach: This was the first beach I visited in NZ and probably one of the best! It’s a tiny bit of a hike to get to the beach, but once you get there is so impressive. You can hear the waves smashing along the shore. I have never seen such powerful waves before. I was terrified to go into the water. This photo is as far as I went in. It was a black sand beach, I had never seen colourful sand before. Little tip; if your going to a black sand beach make sure to wear your shoes! The sand will burn your feet! Karekare is located in Waitakere Ranges which is a regional park. There was so much amazing nature to explore there! You can hike the mountains, explore little caves, visit a waterfall, surf if you’re brave enough and so much more!  I would rate Karekare 9/10 (Only because the sand hurt my feet.)

Piha – look outs: The first picture was taken on the drive down to Piha beach, there is a pull out on the side of the road. This is the first time you get to see this beautiful beach. It was probably one of the most popular beaches that I went to. There were heaps of people surfing and sunbathing. The beach is easily accessible, there is a nice road which leads to a parking lot right at the side of the beach. Which contributes to the popularity of the beach. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures when I was actually at the beach. I didn’t stay there for too long, just because it was so crowded. Piha is located about 15 minutes from Karekare. The second picture is a view from the other less seen side of Piha. It’s a bit of a treacherous drive, definitely off the beaten path, but well worth the view! Overall, I would give Piha 8/10. It’s a beautiful beach, but very crowded and there is  not as much to explore as Karekare.

Omaha & side beach w/ pink sand: The main beach is called Omaha. It is a nice beach, good for learning to surf, building sand castles and sunbathing. It has nice calm waves that won’t pull you out for miles. Omaha has paved and wooden walkways along the side of the beach which are nice to walk along if you don’t want to be in the sand. But what sold me on this beach was that when the tide is out you can walk to this side beach that has pink sand! PINK SAND GUYS! I’m not going to lie, I definitely stole a water bottle full and use it as room decor!  I’d say 8.5/10 for Omaha. It’s a nice calm beach, very family friendly and magic pink sand, but only when the tide is out.

Tawharanui Beach: We accidentally stumbled upon this beach, randomly one day and I’m so happy we did. I got to work on my fear of the ocean. It’s one of my greatest loves, but also one of my biggest fears. We arrived when the tide was out and happened to have boogie boards in the car. This was such a great beach! Beautiful white sand and the waves were so nice there. They were big enough to push you, but not too big that they would pull you out, or even knock you over. As the tide started to come in the waves got bigger and stronger so I started to chicken out, but we got to spend a few hours there boogie boarding and playing in the ocean which was amazing! It is also located in a regional park where they are working to protect the wildlife. I would rate this beach 10/10 for sure! Not a single complaint.

I went to many other beaches, but these are the ones that I have pictures of and information on. New Zealand has some absolutely amazing beaches. Ones with different colour sand, big waves, small waves, different types of wildlife, even ones where you can dig a hole and have your own hot water spa pool and I can’t forget, just the colour of the ocean there! Every beach I went to was so stunning! I can’t wait to go back one day!


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    • No I didn’t! I’m sorry! I’m actually working on a post that will be up later tonight. I’ve had a lot on my plate recently, taking little trips and spending time with my boyfriend while he’s in town. Thanks for asking. 🙂


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