Adventuring the: Moving Out & On

Let me start off with saying sorry for my absence. I know sometimes I can hide away from social media and real life. I just get so wrapped up in my own little world that I completely shut out the real one. Usually this is a result of something negative. Wether that be my anxiety or depression has taken over, I’m extremely overwhelmed or stressed about something or any number of other things. But this time I think its for the better. I have truly been taking the time to try and figure out what I want and work on my mental health. I’m trying to find the cause my of my anxiety and deal with it. I have been taking some steps towards a healthier mind and so far I think its working.

One of the things that I have noticed a dramatic difference in, is when I drink. If I would drink one night I noticed that immediately after I would start to feel depressed and it would get worse the more the week went on. So I stopped drinking completely almost 5 months ago. Another thing that I noticed was drinking coffee would quite often make me feel anxious and sometimes even send me into panic attacks. So I stopped drinking coffee about 2 or 3 months ago. From cutting these two things out alone, I have noticed a enormous difference in my overall mood. But it’s not enough. I want to be in complete control of my mind. Not letting outside things dictate my emotions. For that though, one must discover where the anxiety stems from, and why it makes you feel that way. You also must be conscious of every thought and why you are thinking it. Then you have to learn how to change your thoughts. Which can be a long and strenuous endeavor.

Another significant change I have made is I’m moving out! I have never really lived on my own. When I moved to New Zealand, I moved in with a host family. Then I lived in hostels with my boyfriend which I’d say is the closest I’d ever been to living on my own. I also lived with my boyfriends parents and my parents. So naturally moving out for the first time is a huge thing. I am beyond excited to finally have a space that is my own, although will have room mates but most people in their 20’s do at some point. Moving out could lead to a breakthrough in terms of dealing with my anxiety, or a huge meltdown. But I’m feeling rather optimistic about the situation. I think it will be good to have a new adventure. Become more responsible and forced to actually take care of myself. I intend on learning how to cook and feeding my body with healthy food which will fuel a healthy mind. Another thing I believe will help is having a completely blank room that I can choose every thing that goes into it. Creating a peaceful sanctuary for myself.

2016 will bring great change for me, I can already tell. 2015 has been pretty good for the most part. I have discovered some new things about myself and have decided to begin my long journey to peace. The hard thing is staying on track. I have decided 100% that I will be taking the Digital Marketing Course, because it is something I am really interested in, and I think it will help me learn more about myself and lead me to more and better opportunities. Hopefully it gives me new goals to strive for, thus keeping me on my road to being in control of my anxiety.

So as you can see, I have lots of other things on my mind currently other than working on my social media. Don’t get me wrong though, I love socail media and working on the computer, but for now I have to put it on the back burner and focus on myself. I do have a few posts that I’ll be slowly working on and uploading when they are finished. But I thought I’d better let my readers know whats up and why I haven’t been posing or uploading very frequently. And this includes instagram and facebook


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