Adventurhing the: Candain Rockies (Part 1)

Now that I’m starting to feel better and get some motivation back, I think its about time I shared my Banff & Jasper adventure! Considering the fact that I took around 500 pictures I decided to do more of a photogallery style post and just a brief write up about the photos.

*Click any photo to enlarge and begin slideshow.

We started our adventure off by driving around 12 hours to Jasper. I drove the Coquihalla highway which was kind of a big deal to me! (It has heaps of accidents in the winter.) Our first night we “camped” aka slept in the car, at Whistlers Campgound. I wouldn’t really recommend that campsite to anyone. It was $30 a night and not that nice, but it was the only place that was open at the end of September. The next morning we were all packed up and ready to go, I was just changing my shoes and I looked up and there was this majestic elk 5-10 feet away from me! He just wandered through our campsite making is eerie mating noise. He didn’t even acknowledge that we were there. Once he left, so did we! Our first day in Jasper we went to Malgine Canyon  which was really cool! The park was bigger than I expected, and the canyon itself was way deeper than I expected. When we were done at the canyon we decided to go to Lake Maligne. It’s usually is a nice turquoise colour but as you can see from the pictures, it was a pretty cloudy day so the sky wasn’t reflecting light in the water. Never the less we went for a nice hike around the lake. After the hike we did a little driving to go to Miette hot springs!  It was a long, narrow, winding, steep road to get there; but sooooo worth it!! The second night we didn’t want to pay for camping so we drove down the Icefeild Parkway and “camped” (slept in the car) at the Columbia Icefield parkinglot.

We awoke pretty early due to being freezing cold, but it allowed us to see the fist light of day kiss the top of the mountains. Because we arrived late and in the pitch black we had no idea what our surroundings looked like. The Athabasca Glacier was literally across the road from us, everywhere you looked were huge beautiful mountains! It was an amazing way to wake up! After staring at the mountains in awe we decided to drive back up to Jasper to get breakfast and gas. I’m so grateful we did! The Icefeild Parkway is a stunning drive. On our way back to Jasper we decided to stop at Athabasca falls which, suprise suprise was also beautiful. Once we got gas and food we headed back to the Glacier and booked a package to go on the Glacier, Skywalk and Banff Gondala. First thing on our list was to go on the glacier. It was pretty cool to be on one, but I also felt really guilty  contributing to it melting faster. Also I wanted to go into the caversons, not just walk on the surface. Once we were done on the Glacier it was time to visit the Skywalk. Which was alright, I wouldn’t have paid full price for it, but it was ony $5 to add onto the package.



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