Adventuring the: Vancouver


I don’t know what it is, but I love living out of a suite case! Always being on the move. Switching between trains buses boats and planes. Travel really is life for me. This past week was a nice little reminder of my passion and a really excellent week.

It started off by spending two nights with my awesome little sister. We walked around town, literally stopping to smell the flowers…  take pictuers. 😉 It was so nice out that we decided to get iced coffees and went to a cute little park. Later on we met her mom for excellent Mexican food and went home and watched a movie. It was a short and sweet visit but I always appreciate the time I do have with my sister.

One thing people probably don’t know about me is that I’m always early! Especially when it comes to travelling. I don’t know if its because of excitement or fear of missing the train/plane/bus. So naturally I was over an hour early for max’s flight but thats okay it gave me time to find his gate. Once he finally got there I was so hungry it’s all I could really think about. We got to the hotel ordered all of the pizzas went to bed super early.

The next day we wondered all around Vancouver. We went to this really cool Chinese garden called Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Chinese Garden and strolled through Gastown which is probably one of favourite spots in Vancouver. The internet in our room was so bad that we couldn’t stream movies and cable tv sucks so we found this old cd, dvd and nintendo store. When we got back to the hotel we were so tired of snacking on pizza for almost 24hrs we decided to make a delicious healthy dinner and watch the new dvd. I’m so thankful our hotel had a stove in itso we could cook a yummy dinner.

Friday was probably one of my favourite days. I finally got to go to science world! I remember when I was a kid and my brownies or girl guide group was spending the night there, but I was way to scared to spend the night away from home and in a different city. It only took me like 15 years to get there, But I made it! I’m thankful one of my friends who I hadn’t seen in years invited me and we all got to go. Science world had a special exhibit on that was called inside out. I think the most memorable thing was that there was a legit human body. Perfectly preserved and sliced open so you could see all of his bones, muscles, organs, ect. They also had many animals and their insides. But I think my favourite part of science world was the interactive part with all the “games”.

Later on we met another friend who I hadn’t seen in years and went out for delicious sushi at Miko Sushi. The waitress was one of the most sincere and sweetest people. It’s crazy how you can go so long without seeing or even talking to someone and when you see each other you get along so well. It was really nice catching up with people, especially after I’ve been hermiting for so long.

Our last full day in Van we went to Lynn Canyon which was pretty sweet! The water was so green it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such green water in my life. The park features a few different hikes and many waterfalls. One of the biggest draws to this park is the suspension bridge. I think many people opt for Lynn Canyon over Capilano Suspension Bridge because Lynn Canyon is free and Capilano costs about $40. The park is pretty busy, if you don’t want to be hiking around with a lot of other people I’d suggest going when the park first opens. Once we were done at the park we pretty much just went back to the hotel and relaxed. We went out for dinner and walked around Granville Street.

Every time I got to Vancouver I have a different experience and fall more in love with the city. It’s so full of culture, nature and fun things to do. The more and more I think about it, I could see my self living there when I finally decide to settle down. But I still have a lot more places to visit before that happens.


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