Adventuring the: Planning Hawaii

A while ago I posted a survey about my blog and one of the questions was “what would you like to see more of?” A reader had requested to see a post on how I plan my trips and I think that was an excellent suggestion! Currently I’m planning a trip to Hawaii and I tought I would share the process on how I’m planning my trip.

new bkgd

First off, I get idea an in my head. I was planning on starting school in May but due to circumstances that isn’t going to work out anymore. I was super bummed out about that, so I decided to just go to Hawaii. I had some money that I was saving for school and I get a crazy good discount at a hotel through my work. I knew that at some point during my return home that I needed to take advantage of this amazing deal. I don’t think I will ever get this opportunity to go to Hawaii for this cheap again in my life.

With the idea planted in my head I started to do some research. I looked at the availability for my hotel and then decided to look at flights during those days, and guess what?! THEY WERE SUPER CHEAP! I found a round trip ticket for $475 Cad!! Saaweet! When I’m looking for flights I usually start at google flights page. Sometimes they have the cheapest flights, but not always. I also look at Expedia, Travilosity, ect. I get an idea of which airlines are flying around that time and look at the airlines websites because occasionally they are cheaper. Also looking websites equivalent to travelocity that are from the country you are planning to go to. For example is for Germany.  The next obstacle is to find someone to go with. Usually I travel with my boyfriend, but he can’t go because he has school back in Germany. Luckily I found a friend who was willing to commit and we booked our flights!

bkg.pngWith the big things taken care of  e.g. flight and hotel, it’s time to look up all of the fun things that we want to do. The first place I usually look is trip advisor.  They have numerous options of activities to look up from nature & parks, outdoor activities, concerts, shopping, tours and much more. They also have restaurants. When I’m in a foreign country and I see a restaurant with a trip advisor sticker I’m much more likely to go there. I also look at Lonely Planet books (Or any travel books) if I happen to have one for that destination. Another place that has become surprisingly very helpful is Instagram. With the geotags that they have you can look up the area you are planning on going and see where people are going and what they are doing. And we can’t forget about Pinterest. I love pinterest but I try to avoid it for the most part. I could easily waist days on it. But when I’m looking for something specific it’s a great resource. More often than not they are very touristy suggestions, but  sometimes they suggest really cool things!




I am constantly looking for opportunities to cross things off my bucketlist. Wanting to see lava has been very high up on that list for a long time. Naturally that was the first thing I looked up. I couldn’t find any tours on tripadvisor that got up close and personal with the lava, most of them were just to the glowing creator. But when I was looking at Instagram and I found a recent picture of a guy standing next to lava so I asked him what tour he went with and that’s how I found my dream tour of being able to poke lava!

Another thing I like to do is actually look at the area on google maps. Sometimes  I look at street view to see what I’m getting myself into, but sometimes I feel like it ruins the surprise. It honestly depends on what sort of mood I’m in when I’m doing my research. But If I’m planning on driving around I like to see whats in the area on google maps and see how long it will take to drive to certain places. Also google maps will have tiny little stops and all of the parks listed that may not be on some of the other websites. So that’s another little tip that I like to do.


VSCO Cam-1.jpg


Traveling with anxiety can be a very difficult task, but it can also be very helpful. I’ve already thought about every worst case scenarios and 5 different solutions for them. I think one of the most important things for me is I always over budget for things. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Writing things down is another thing that’s very important for me. I usually make a rough draft with info from all my research and then I make a good copy in my DYI notebook. I write things down for two reasons. The first is it’s a physical thing that I can see. It has essentially all the information needed regarding the trip I’m planning. The other reason is that it helps me process the information and solidify it in my brain. It makes me feel like I’m in control and I have a plan.

So there ya have it! That’s pretty much how I plan my trips. Leave a comment if you do any of these things or have some other tricks you want to share!

Happy travelling! 🙂


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