Adventuring the: Island of Hawai’i


So many awesome stories I don’t even know where to start. Our flight left Victoria late. When we arrived in San Fransisco airport we had about 40 minutes to catch our next flight. As we were standing in line to get our passports checked I realised that we only had 20 minutes to get to our gate, we hadn’t even gone through security and still had a huge line in front of us just to get our passports stamped. I found an employee and told him we had 20 mins to get our flight. He kindly brought us to the front of the line. We still had to pick up our luggage because the U.S has to check your luggage personally. There was another couple from Victoria that was in the exact same position. We all pretty much throw our luggage at the guy and asked him to deal with it.  The couple somehow got bumped to the front of the security line so we ran up with them. We got yelled at by a security lady but just told her we were all together. After we had gotten through security we had only 10 minutes till our flight LEFT, boarding had already ended. The four of us were running frantically around the airport which by the way is HUGE. Oh not to mention I didn’t even have time to put my shoes back on or my jackets because americans make you take everything off. So im running around in my socks holding all my shit. My friend heard the ticket lady tell the couple that we were too late and we had to go to a ticket agent so she starts heading away. I didn’t see the couple leaving so I was hesitant and then the gate lady yells at me to hurry up. I called my friend who was half way down the hall by now. I still can’t believe we made the flight! My adrenaline was going crazy. The flight was scheduled to leave at 5.22 and we got on at 5.18. Hands down that was the most excitement I’ve ever had in an airport.

Finally after a beautiful sunset in the sky we landed in Hawaii. We picked up our rental car, some Jamba Juice and headed to our hotel. As my friend was getting our luggage out of the trunk she noticed that the insurance sticker on the car was EXPIRED. Immediately my thoughts were omg what have I gotten myself into. Two bad things happened in a row, this is going to be a horrible trip. I tried to call the rental company the next day and the phone was broken in the hotel! I couldn’t believe my luck. But the phone got fixed, we got a new rental car and headed to the beach.

The first beach that we went to was Hapuna, it was a beautiful white sand beach with little waves that were the perfect way to first getting into the water. The beach had showers, a concession and other facilities. It costs $5 to get in, but it’s maintained very well. After staying there for a few hours I got really bored and we went to Kiholo Bay which is known for having heaps of turtles. Unfortunately by the time we got there I wasn’t feeling very well so we left pretty quickly. We spent that evening walking around Kona and just exploring.

Waking up to an amazing view and having iced coffee on the “lanai” (Hawaiian for patio) was probably one of my favorite things. Slowly making my way down to the pool to relax and wait for my friend to wake up. The second day she made a friend on tinder which I was pretty hesitant about. We met him at the beach and honestly it was one of the best days I had there. Super chill dude so props to her for thinking of that. The beach we were at has a few different names. He called it Kua Bay, google refered to it as Manini’owali beach. Not to sure how it has two completely different names. But it was a beautiful beach. It has two sides, one with big waves and then a smaller side. We spent the whole day there and watched the sunset which was so beautiful!! Also the day our flight left we spent the whole day at this beach because it was so beautiful and pretty close to the airport. I actually played in the big waves which is a pretty big deal for me considering the ocean is my biggest fear.

Some other highlights were snorkelling at Kahalu’u Beach Park which was pretty sweet. I was just crusin around then all of a sudden mr.turtle showed up and was all “hey dude” and then swam off. There was also lots of other cute fishies to see. Magic sands beach was another cool place and it’s really is a magical beach. One day the beach is a nice sand, the next the sand is gone and there are rocks in its place. Magic! I can’t forget about the kittens at sunset! We stopped at this random beach on the side of the road to watch the sunset. There was a little girl with 3 kittens. Naturally I asked her if I could pet one. She then asked me if I would watch them while she went swimming. Needless to say I had a blast hanging out with these adorable kittens and watching the most stunning sunset!
I also did a tour with Nui Pohaku Adventure Tours of the Island. They picked me up in Kona and drove us down south. We stopped at this black sand beach which had a pond with beautiful water lilies. We stopped at this cute bakery and then had lunch at the volcano park. We saw some steam vents, walked through a lava tube, saw the crater of an active volcano and hiked around a little rain forest and too Kilauea Iki Crater which was a boiling lava lake in the 1959 and had a huge lava fountains. Which would have been amazing to see back then. We took a break from the volcano park and drove around the south island and saw some other beaches and walked around a cooled lava flow that went right through the town. It’s crazy that the lava is literally slowly making island bigger each time it flows into the ocean. Once it got dark we went back to the volcano crater to see the lava glowing. If you were lucky you could occasionally see some lava spew up a bit. I was really disappointed that I couldn’t get up close to the lava, but there was only one flow going on and it was over steam vents and was super dangerous. But that’s just an excuse to go back one day.
So that’s my Hawaiian adventure. It had some ups and downs like everything in life. I’m happy that I took the time and money to do that before I go back to school, which is also another exciting chapter in my life, and I’m sure I’m going to blog that adventure too. Untill next time, xx

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