Adventuring: Malaysia


malaysia map.png
Three years ago around this time I flew into Singapore and was backpacking through Malaysia with my love. I had never even heard of this beautiful country until I met him. I really had no idea what to expect. But what I found was a country filled with the nicest happiest people living simple lives. I was a little culture shocked but that’s to be expected. Currently I’m looking back at old pictures and reading my journal from that time reminiscing about my Malaysian adventure.


Melaka (Malacca in English) is one of my favourite and most memorable places I have ever been. Fist off we stayed at the “Roof Top Guest House” which was THE CUTEST hostel ever! We had a private room on the top floor right next to one of the two rooftop balconies. The balcony next to us had an outdoor shower which was pretty rad. Like usual we were travelling during off-season so we pretty much had the whole place to ourselves. The owner of the hostel was a super sweet lady and she welcomed us with ice-cold lemon and cucumber water, and you have no idea how refreshing that was after walking around with our backpacks. Every morning she would bake some bread and cake which was so delicious, and free! We also went to “Restoran Capitol Satay”. There was so much hype about this place, people line up for hours to get in. I’m not really to sure why, luckily we didn’t have to wait to long. Satay is meat, seafood or veggies on skewers and dipped into a pot of savoury, spicy peanut sauce. You walk up to this fridge and take whatever you like and you pay per stick. They don’t have any signs as to what the food is and let me tell you, there was some NASTY looking things. Needless to say I stuck with veggies. BUT, I did try shrimp while in SE Asia, that was my wild food adventure. We also went to Cheng Hoon Teng Temple which was pretty cool. At night-time the next street over has the “jonker street night market” which had such a great atmosphere and is also where max had yam fries for the first time!


Kuala Lumpur aka KL is capital of Malaysia. And oh man is it a big, loud, busy city. I was not the biggest fan. The first thing I think of is how bad the traffic was, and the lack of road laws. Cars running red lights, scooters driving down the wrong side of the road, people just walk right into traffic when the have a red light, a guy in our hostel even got hit! (Not badly though.) Also, they didn’t have proper toilets (Melaka did though.) They literally just had holes, and no toilet paper and I’m pretty sure the water just goes right into the street drains because oh man it smelt baaaad. We did go Petronas Towers which was pretty spectacular, I got dizzy just looking up at them. They were the tallest buildings from 1998 to 2004. There was also some other cool architecture and over all it was a lifetime experience. I now know that I am really not a city girl, but I survived!


On our way from KL to Georgetown we missed the first bus that ran in the morning so we had to catch a night bus which made us arrive at 11:30 pm! I remember walking around the streets in pitch black so afraid because it looked like a dodgy area. It took us a while to find our hostel but we eventually did. When we went out the next day, it was actually a pretty nice place. We didn’t spend too much time in Penang, but we did manage to go to “kek lok si buddhist temple” which was absolutely breathtaking. Walking up to the temple through little shops actually reminded me of walking through Carcassonne Castle in France. There was definitely a sence of serenity in the air, just walking around this place one instantly feels at peace. From George town we took a 12 hour night bus to Thailand which will be another post so stay tuned for that one! 🙂


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