Adventuring the: Helpful Survey.

Hey guys! I decided to do something different this week. Seeing as my blog is getting more popular, it has been viewed by over 515 people in almost 30 countries! I made a quick survey about my blog. It’s only 5 questions. I would really appreciate your feedback! It would help me out a lot!! Knowing who my main audience is and what you guys want to see.  It’s completely anonymous so you don’t have to worry about me creeepin’ you or knowing how much you creep me. 😛


Adventuring the: Return Home

Wow I can’t believe I’ve been home for almost a month now! That’s crazy. Sorry my blog has kinda taken the back seat as of late.  I’m still getting used to balancing working full-time, having a social life, me time … Continue reading

Adventuring the: Apology 

Normally I plan out my post during the week but this week I had so much other stuff going on, I didn’t really have time. I left my Au pair job and had to organize going back to cologne for a few weeks and then moving back to Canada. I would write something today but I’m off to France for a week with my boyfriends family and I don’t know when I’ll have wifi. This is the first Sunday all year I haven’t made a proper post. So, I am sorry but I promise next Sunday I’ll have something good!! Until then, have a good week 🙂

Adventuring the: New Beginning.

I don’t know how many times I’ve tried to start a blog, but for some reason I never stuck with it.  Whether it’s because I’m inconsistent, I am easily distracted or I just lose confidence and think why should I bother, no one is going to read this anyways. But this time is different! It’s a new year, I am slowly working toward my goals and I have lots of free time on my hands. Before In my past blogs I’ve tried to write about my past to ‘get my story out there’ but this time im just simply going to write what ever the hell is on my mind at that point in time. I’ll write about the adventuring I’ve done around the world, about my childhood, the many battles I have had to over come, where I’m at now and what I want in the future.

Every New Year people make so many resolutions that they never actually follow through with. This year I didn’t make any. I just decided to try to do more things that make me genuinely happy. I wanted to start eating healthier more often but I didn’t want to make the #1 most cliché resolution so I started a few weeks before New Years (with the exception of Christmas and New Years). This year I want to be more creative and express myself. For Christmas my boyfriend got me some paint, so I’ve been painting a lot recently and it’s such a great feeling knowing that you have created something. I also made myself a calendar so that I can make myself goals and give myself a deadline to finish them. Which really helps me get things done and feel accomplished and organized. And with this, hopefully I will be more consistent with blogging. So far it has worked for me to write in my journal. I know there’s a million blogs out there, and I honestly don’t expect this to turn into anything or have many people read this. I know I’m not an amazing writer or anything I just need a place to express myself. So cheers to a new beginning! 🙂