Adventuring: Malaysia

  Three years ago around this time I flew into Singapore and was backpacking through Malaysia with my love. I had never even heard of this beautiful country until I met him. I really had no idea what to expect. … Continue reading

Adventuring the: Island of Hawai’i

So many awesome stories I don’t even know where to start. Our flight left Victoria late. When we arrived in San Fransisco airport we had about 40 minutes to catch our next flight. As we were standing in line to get our passports … Continue reading

Adventuring the: Planning Hawaii

A while ago I posted a survey about my blog and one of the questions was “what would you like to see more of?” A reader had requested to see a post on how I plan my trips and I think that … Continue reading

Adventuring the: France Road Trip

Sunday 5th: Max, his parents and I began our road trip of south France! We drove about 8 hours to the first stop which was Beaune. We arrived around 8pm and walked into the town center. There were lights highlighting the beautiful French … Continue reading

Adventuring the: Netherlands, Amsterdam

The first time I came to Cologne Germany, my boyfriend wanted to show me as much of Europe as he could in the short 3 months I was there. The first trip we took was to Amsterdam. It’s only a … Continue reading

Adventuring the: Anticipation

Wow where has the week gone?! I am so happy I started blogging, it actually helps me such much. When Sunday comes around it gives me time to reflect on the past week, acknowledge it’s over and embrace the upcoming week. I’m one of … Continue reading

Adventuring the: Events of this Week. 

Bit by bit things are slowly starting to fall into place. I found out that I can’t get my visa in the city I am currently living in. I have to move Munich/München first register to the city and then … Continue reading