Adventurhing the: Candain Rockies (Part 1)

Now that I’m starting to feel better and get some motivation back, I think its about time I shared my Banff & Jasper adventure! Considering the fact that I took around 500 pictures I decided to do more of a … Continue reading

Adventuring the: France Road Trip

Sunday 5th: Max, his parents and I began our road trip of south France! We drove about 8 hours to the first stop which was Beaune. We arrived around 8pm and walked into the town center. There were lights highlighting the beautiful French … Continue reading

Adventuring the: Past Year in Germany

For almost a year now I have been living in Germany with my boyfriend. And what an emotional and physical adventure it has been! I moved here in April 2014 with big dreams and expectations. I thought after I got … Continue reading